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Empower Children and Young People Through Accessible Education and Learning

Who We Are

Welcome to Blue Magpie Foundation (BMF), a UK-registered charity based in Harrow, North West London. At BMF, we believe in the transformative power of education to uplift and empower the next generation. Operating at the heart of Harrow, we are deeply committed to making a lasting impact within our local community.

As a dedicated team of passionate volunteers, our roots run deep within the diverse fabric of Harrow. We work in close collaboration with local charities, community centers and council estates, bringing education directly to the doorstep of those who need it most. Our focus extends beyond borders, transcending cultural and socio-economic boundaries.

Driven by a shared vision, our team comprises individuals from varied backgrounds, bound by a common belief in the potential of every child and young person. We understand that education is not just a tool for learning but a catalyst for transformation, providing opportunities and breaking the cycle of disadvantage.

At BMF, we go beyond traditional education. Our programmes focus on teaching life skills, offering career mentoring, and providing support for employment opportunities. We are committed to nurturing the holistic development of children and young people aged 5 to 25, ensuring they are equipped with the skills and guidance they need for a brighter future.

Central to our mission, we proudly operate our own educational center in Harrow town center—a vibrant space where dreams take flight and futures are shaped. Join us in our mission to empower and uplift through the boundless possibilities of education. Together, we build futures, one student at a time.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

We identify vulnerable individuals and find sustainable solutions. We believe in helping them for the long term and not a quick fix. Our funding goes towards training, education and talent building. Our current beneficiaries are children and young adults.


— We Build Networks

We work on the ground and remotely with local organisations. We have a strong network of partners that help us reach out to more beneficiaries and help us understand local customs and traditions. We currently have a strong network in Sri Lanka, UK, Togo, Philippines and France. 


— We Strengthen

We assess each beneficiary’s skills and potential and we strengthen them. Providing opportunities to help and improve their skills they already possess. We also organise talent shows to empower and showcase the children’s and young adults’ skills.


— We Educate

We strongly believe education is at the core of development. We spend a tremendous amount of time on education, making sure our beneficiaries have the right set of tools to tackle today’s society. We provide English classes as a second language as well as IT training.


— We Provide Care

We provide care by helping our beneficiaries through difficult times. During crisis such as post-war, Covid-19, natural disasters we make sure our beneficiaries are safe and have the basic means.  


— We Consult

We work closely with other organisations where our skills can be utilised. We work hand in hand in order to provide the best possible solutions for the beneficiaries. 

The United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Our commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is prominently centered on advancing the goal of quality education, represented by SDG 4. Quality Education aims to ensure inclusive and equitable education for all, fostering lifelong learning opportunities that empower individuals and promote sustainable development.

By aligning ourselves with the Quality Education goal, we are actively contributing to building a future where every child, regardless of background or circumstance, has access to a high-quality education. This not only equips them with the knowledge and skills needed for personal and societal development but also empowers them to become active contributors to positive change in their communities and beyond.

Our Work

In the UK: Blue Magpie Foundation is committed to transforming young lives through focused education initiatives
  • Academic Excellence: Providing essential academic support to help students thrive in their studies.
  • Career Guidance and Opportunities: Offering career guidance and support to prepare for future success.
  • Life Skills Development: Equipping young individuals with crucial life skills for a well-rounded education.
  • Guiding Mentorship: Connecting youth with mentors for invaluable guidance and support
  • Adopting Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): Teaching skills to support healthy development and relationships.

Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We partner with organisations, charities, and entities that share our mission and values. By creating strategic alliances, we aim to amplify our impact and create more opportunities for young adults to thrive.

What We Want to Achieve

Our goals are ambitious yet essential for creating a positive impact on the lives of children in the UK. We aspire to provide children with:

  • Access to quality education and essential tools for academic success.
  • Opportunities for exploration, learning, and discovery in various fields.
  • The confidence to achieve success and unlock their full potential
How We are Achieving these goals
  • New educational centre in Harrow town centre for children and young people from disadvantaged background that provides free courses, mentorship and career advice
  • Direct work in South Harrow in Grange Farm community centre where we provide free weekly educational sessions for children from the estate
Across the globe: BMF initial programmes started in Sri Lanka in 2016 which are still running today
Our Work Abroad
Madduvil: Nurturing Bright Futures (Aug 2016 to Now)

In the heart of Madduvil, Jaffna, our Madduvil Stars programme, is currently transforming the lives of 50 children impacted by the civil war. Through initiatives in scholarship preparation, conversational English, and essential IT skills, Madduvil Stars is fostering resilience and hope, creating a brighter tomorrow for these young minds. Since the inception of our programmes, we’ve empowered over 300 students, amplifying our commitment to building a stronger community

Past Programmes: Phoenix Initiative (Aug 2016 to Dec 2017)

In the aftermath of war, our programme, the Phoenix Initiative, successfully empowered 10 individuals that became disabled as a result of the war in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Over 17 months, we provided English and IT skills, including WordPress and LinkedIn marketing. The culmination was short-term employment with companies in Colombo, showcasing the marketable impact of our training

BMF in action in Sri Lanka

UK videos to be uploaded soon! In the meantime follow us on instagram!

Want to help?


If you like what we are doing and want to help, we would be very pleased to accept your donations.

Every donations counts. As we are a small charity we will take the time to explain to you how your donations will contribute towards our projects.



We are always looking for great people that would like to donate their time and/or skills. Get involved by contacting us.

Event Fundraising

Fundraising via an event is a great a way to support us. If you would like to raise money by taking part in an event, you can use our JustGiving page.

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